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FFT Processor Breaks Speed Limits

Self dubbed as the industry’s fastest, full floating point FFT processor, the PowerFFT delivers a 1 kpoint FFT in 10 µs, including windowing, while sustaining a throughput of 100 Msamples/s. It’s available on a stand-alone basis or integrated on a 32/64-bit PCI card with drivers and software. The processor is capable of executing vector multiplication convolutions and correlations on 1-D data sets up to 1 ksamples and includes a 64-bit input and output port. For corner-turning operations, data ports accommodate up to four SDRAM banks for FFT processing enabling up to 1 Msamples, multidimensional FFT-based processing, or double buffering. The core is based on four, parallel radix-2 butterflies running at 128 MHz maximum and a complex multiplier running at 100 MHz maximum and also includes a coefficient ROM for FFTs up to 1 kpoints. Other features of the processor include peak I/O rates up to 122 MB/s and sustained data rates up to 75 MB/s in standard PC environments. DOUBLE BW SYSTEMS, Delft, The Netherlands. +31-15-2600432.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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