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Freescale Unveils Multi-Core Processor For Multimedia Apps

Groomed for telematics, consumer, and industrial applications requiring complex graphics, multimedia, and real-time audio processing, the Power Architecture-based MPC5121e multi-core processor debuts as the latest member of the mobileGT processor family. Manufactured on advanced 90-nm CMOS technology, the device provides a multitude of user interfaces within a low-power envelope. Its primary processing engine is the e300 core that operates at speeds up to 400 MHz. The chip also integrates a PowerVR MBX Lite 2D/3D graphics core, which supports 3D texturing and shading and includes the PowerVR Vertex Geometry processor (VGP Lite) for vector processing. Peripherals include 10/100 Ethernet, PCI, SATA, PATA, two USB 2.0 OTG interfaces with an integrated PHY, four CAN modules, and 12 programmable serial controllers. Other features include 128 KB of SRAM and numerous embedded memory buffers. FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Austin, TX. (800) 521-6274.


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