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Microcontroller Family Facilitates Visual Programming

A new embedded controller platform, known as FIVE, is said to seamlessly integrate the benefits of microcontrollers with a dedicated architecture, the Decision Processor, that is oriented to high-level algorithms and visual programming. The new family of Intelligent Controller Units (ICU) contains a high performance 8-bit register file-based CPU, analog and digital peripherals, and non-volatile memory (EPROM, EEPROM or Flash). FIVE408 devices offer 55 instructions, including hardware multiply and divide, and deliver 2 MIPS performance, while FIVE508s offer an enhanced instruction set (105 instructions), 4-MIPS performance, and on-chip memory of up to 32 KB of flash or EPROM/OTP, 512 bytes of RAM, and 4KB of data EEPROM. The integrated Decision Processor provides hardware acceleration of decision-making algorithms, based on "IF_THEN" rules and works in tandem with the controller. Both FIVE408 and FIVE508 families include A/D converters having 8- and 10-bit resolution. Also included is an 8-bit triac driver to directly drive power devices. Complementing the hardware line-up, the Visual FIVE IDE development tool provides a visual/graphical approach that allows high-level programming and upward compatibility among FIVE families. The integrated environment includes a debugger and programmer. STMICROELECTRONICS INC., Lexington, MA. (781) 861 2650.


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