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MIPS-Powered Processor Adds CPU Cores, Memory, I/O

A third-generation 64-Bit MIPS-Powered multiprocessor, the RM11200 integrates two new 1.8-GHz E11K CPU cores with multiple high-speed memory and I/O interfaces including dual DDR2, dual PCI Express, quad Gigabit Ethernet ports and HyperTransport. The processor is designed for high-performance networking, storage and communications applications such as enterprise routers, storage systems and DSLAMs. The dual 64-Bit DDR2 memory controllers support 8-Bit ECC and frequencies up to DD2-800. PCI Express interfaces can handle either dual 4-lane interfaces or a single 8-lane interface. The quad Ethernet ports support automatic assignment into eight queues per port and perform HW checksum. The HyperTransport interface runs up to a 600 MHz link frequency, providing up to 10 Gbs of full duplex bandwidth. All I/O interfaces support DirectDeposit, allowing external peripherals to write directly into the L2 cache memory, avoiding external memory accesses and increasing system performance. Fabricated in 90-nm CMOS technology, the processor is available in an 1152-pin flip-chip BGA package. Pricing when released is estimated at $450. PMC-SIERRA INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 239-8151.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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