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Multicore 64-bit ARM-based SoC Aims at Mobile Market

Multicore 64-bit ARM-based SoC Aims at Mobile Market

Marvell Technology is well known for its high performance, system-on-chip (SoC) solutions especially those that integrate modems and multicore processors (see “64-Bit SoC Mobile Processor Integrates Five-Mode Modem”). The latest entries include the 1.2 GHz, quad core PXA 1908 and 1.5 GHz, octal core PXA 1936 (Fig. 1). The cores are ARM’s latest 64-bit Cortex-A53 core (see “Delivering 64-Bit Arm Platforms”).

Figure 1. Marvell’s PXA 1936 has eight 64-bit Cortex-A53 cores.

The chips storage interfaces include SDIO and eMMC as well as a LP-DRR2/3 interface. They have an on-chip, 5-mode, 4G LTE modem requiring only an off-chip transceiver.

The platforms have an integrated charger. They have advanced audio support and can handle dual cameras. The PXA 1908 can handle a 720p display and an 8 Mpixel primary camera. The PXA 1936 can handle 1080p displays. Its maximum primary camera resolution is 16 Mpixels. It can handle burst mode capture and it has zero shutter lag.

The PXA 1936 also incorporates a security processor for trusted computing. This can handle DRM copy protection as well as mobile payment systems. The chip also has a built-in sensor hub that provides sensor integration support. It can run when the main processors are shut down minimizing power requirements.

These chips target smartphones and tablets. The PXA 1908  comes in a 10.6-mm by 10.6-mm BGA package. The PXA 1936 is available in an 11-mm by 11-mm BGA package.

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