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µP Supervisory Circuits Consume Only 3 µA

Designed for monitoring supply voltages from 1.8V to 5.0V while consuming only 3 µA, the MAX6381-MAX6390 microprocessor supervisory circuits are well-suited for use in portable products. Whenever a monitored voltage (VCC) falls below the factory-set reset threshold, the reset output asserts and remains asserted for a minimum reset period after VCC rises above the reset threshold. Reset thresholds are available from 1.58V to 4.63V in approximately 100-mV increments. In addition, seven minimum reset timeout delays ranging from one to 1,200 ms are also available.
There are three reset options for the ICs: active-low, push-pull output (MAX6381/6384/6387); active-high, push-pull output (MAX6382/ 6385/6388); and active-low, open-drain output (MAX6383/6386/ 6389/6390). An auxiliary reset input that allows a second voltage to be monitored down to 1.27V is also available. The devices come in three- or four-pin SC70 packages and have a starting price of $0.96 each/2,500.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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