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Packet Processors Claim Best In Class Performance

Claiming the highest capacity and best performance to date, the ZL 50111 family of TDM-to-IP/Ethernet packet processors promise to cut the cost and size of access systems and are capable of sending up to 32 T1/E1 streams over networks with the same voice quality and service as standard TDM-based telephone networks. The family consists of three chips that support a wide range of TDM traffic densities and data rates. The ZL50111 device provides CESoP for 32 T1/E1 ports or 1,024 64-Kb/s channels. Two of its ports can be configured to deliver T3/E3 services operating at 45 Mb/s. The ZL50110 chip processes eight T1/E1 ports or 256 64-Kb/s channels while the ZL50114 device supports four T1/E1 ports, or 128 channels. All three chips support an array of TDM traffic formats including unstructured mode, structured mode, and fractional N x 64 Kb/s mode. Other features common to each family member include a digitally-controlled oscillator on each port to allow each TDM port to be synchronized to a reference clock, which lets services be routed on a per-port basis. Available in 552-pin PBGA packages, prices for the ZL50111, ZL50110, and ZL50114 are $276.47, $181.18, and $129.41, respectively, each/1,000. For more details, call ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ontario, Canada. (613) 592-0200.


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