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Pentium Module Seeks Rugged Embedded Duties

Compact, rugged, low-power embedded systems can be quickly launched with the Skyline Pentium processor module. The unit contains a 200- or 233-MHz Intel Mobile Pentium processor with MMX technology, 512 kbytes of Level 2 cache, an Intel 82439TX system controller chipset, and a temperature sensor. The 40.50 mm x 42.50 mm x 6.35 mm module has applications in tablet and wearable computers, industrial control, instrumentation, and more.The module's versatility is enhanced by its connectivity capabilities. External interfaces include a standard PCI bus and DRAM interface. The 82439TX chipset supports the Universal Serial Bus and IDE. Up to five PCI bus masters can be supported. And the DRAM interface can address up to 256 Mbytes of main memory, which can be of fast page mode, EDO and SDRAM varieties. There's also a full complement of power management features.


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