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Power Controllers Aim At Deschutes µPs

Built around a high-accuracy average current-mode control system, the UCC3882 power converter controller contains functions to satisfy voltage regulator module (VRM) specifications with a minimal number of external components. Able to operate at up to 700 kHz, this power converter controller offers a high-accuracy reference and 5-bit digital output voltage programming compatible with Intel's 5-bit voltage I.D. (VID) code. High output-voltage accuracy and fast load-transient response makes this device well-suited for a wide variety of high performance microprocessor power converter applications. The UCC3882 is capable of split-supply operation of 12V bias, 5V power or 12V only. Two versions are available: the UCC3882 has an output programmable from 1.8V to 3.5V, and the UCC3882-1 offers additional output voltage range down to 1.3V.


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