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Power Management IC Enhances Rechargeables' Life

Placed in a lithium-ion battery pack such as is used in laptop computers, the MC33351A monolithic circuit helps maximize battery cycle life through useful cell capacity management. It also helps protect the end user from a catastrophic event resulting from an over-voltage or over-current condition. The chip boasts of a cell-balancing feature that allows it to maintain the highest possible power storage level for the overall pack. The MC33351A includes a selectable cell voltage balancing and a selectable charge interrupt voltage sensing mode for precise voltage measurements. The device also offers a choice of discharge current limit sensing elements, such as low-side resistors or high-side MOSFETSs, and a programmable discharge current limit threshold and shutdown delay. Offered in a compact, low-profile TSSOP-20, the power management IC's design is such that a minimum number of external components is said to be required to form the battery pack. When the device is discharged, the device is in a virtually zero current sleep mode state. Price: $1.62 each/10K.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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