Processor-Core Platform Yields 400MIPS Performance At 40MIPS Price

Processor-Core Platform Yields 400MIPS Performance At 40MIPS Price

The xCORE XS1-L4-64 integrates four 32-bit logical processor cores at a price that is comparable with competing single-core devices. Priced at $2.95 in 100 unit quantities, XMOS’s L4 provides an entry-level platform for designers considering multicore technology for the first time. A Hardware-Response feature, common to all parts in the xCORE family, guarantees low latency and reaction times 100X faster than other microcontrollers. Because the devices are supported with a fully featured software design environment, developers can use these features to build application software that’s completely timing deterministic and functionally safe. The platform will find homes in accurate stepper-motor-control, industrial-networking, and motion-control applications. A 64-bit precision DSP capability also suits it for signal-conditioning tasks and applications such as control that combines cost sensitivity with high-performance demands. It’s pin-compatible with other members of the xCORE family.


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