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RISC Processor Ups Speed, Lowers Power

Operating at speeds up to 133 MHz (173 MIPS) while drawing just 200 mW, the SH7705 SuperH RISC processor also integrates a USB function, timers and other interfaces and peripherals. Typical applications include digital still cameras, video printers, portable information devices, and office automation equipment. Manufactured with a 0.18 µm fine CMOS process, the internal logic circuits operate at 1.5V and the input/output circuits at 3.3V. When the processor's full capabilities are not required, four power-down modes are included to further reduce power consumption. One mode, module standby, allows software to tune consumption by halting the operation of specific on-chip functions individually. The USB function supports USB Version 1.1 control, interrupt, and bulk transfers to support data rates up to 12 Mb/s. A USB transceiver is also integrated, eliminating the need for an external transmitter IC. Other peripheral functions include a two-channel serial interface with a 64-byte FIFO, memory management unit, bus state controller, a four-channel DMA controller, timers, a real-time clock, a four-channel, 10-bit a/d converter, and an IrDA Version 1.0 interface. The HD6417705F133 (133 MHZ) and HD6417705F100 (100 MHz) devices are available in a 208-pin LQFP measuring 28 mm x 28 mm with a 0.5 mm pin pitch priced at $13.75 and $12.25, respectively, each/10,000. The HD6417705BP133 (133 MHz) and HD6417705BP100 (100 MHz) come in a 208-pin CSP measuring 12 mm x 12 mm with a 0.65 mm pin pitch and are priced at $15 and $13.50, respectively, each/10,000. HITACHI SEMICONDUCTOR AMERICA INC., San Jose, CA. (800) 285-1601.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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