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400-Hz Power Transformers Trim The Fat

Weighing 50% less than C-core types, the LW series custom power and isolation transformers employ copper clad aluminum wire windings and toroidal cores using  4-mil thick grain-oriented silicon steel. Operating at 400 Hz and voltages up to 600 Vac, transformers are available with power ratings up to 10 kVA single phase or 30 kVA for three-phase systems. For three-phase systems, each phase uses a separate transformer allowing better weight distribution inside cabinets as an alternative to stacking transformers on top of each other or vertically side by side. Weight examples of single phase transformers range from 4.5 lbs. for1 kVA to 28 lbs. for 10 kVA and for three phase systems from 13.5 lbs. for 3 kVA to 84 lbs. for 30 kVA. BRIDGEPORT MAGNETICS GROUP INC., Shelton, CT. (800) 836-5920.

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