Advanced Power Film Boosts Power-Resistor Frequency

Advanced Power Film Boosts Power-Resistor Frequency

According to Riedon, its new series of non-inductive power resistors is able to achieve high-frequency performance while remaining cost-competitive. The PF resistor family uses an advanced power film formed on a heat-conducting alumina substrate that’s metallized and soldered to a heat-dissipating copper plate tab. The configuration delivers high-efficiency thermal resistance in small, thin TO-style packages for high-density applications. Power ratings range from a few watts up to 600 W in both through-hole and surface-mount packaging. For example, the PF1260 series comes in an epoxy-molded, TO-126 leaded package that offers 0.01-Ω to 51-kΩ resistance, tolerances from ±1%, ±50-ppm temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), and up to 20-W dissipation (with a heatsink). Other series reach up to 300-W dissipation.


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