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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Handles High Ripple Current

Ever hear of a toroidal-shaped capacitor? A new aluminum electrolytic type, the UTOR series, employs a toroidal shape in order to handle a very high ripple current. The core of the capacitor can be cooled by forced air, a heatsink, or by fluid convection. The ultimate purpose of the design is to trim down the size of many inverters and large power supplies. Fewer capacitors can be used while still keeping the same or a higher current capability. Another benefit of the design is a very long useful life. The capacitors have a rated lifetime of 5000 hours at 105°C with the full rated ripple current applied. UTOR capacitors are available from 350 to 450 vdc with capacitance values ranging from 1500 to 6800 mF. Price range is $30 to $75 each/1000 . Delivery is from stock to six weeks.


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