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Bus-Line Terminators Offer Stability And Reliability

Three series of integrated passive components for the termination of bus lines, the series RBB, RDA, and RDB, target local bus lines in computer systems, SCSI bus lines, and differential-type SCSI bus lines, respectively. In a 24-pin surface-mount package, the RBB series high-speed bussed networks terminate up to 22 lines with a resistance range of 10 ohms to 1 Megaohm and a resistance tolerance of ±5% typical. The RDA series networks come in a 20-pin surface-mount package and include identical resistor pairs to ensure performance at high frequencies. Resistance range is the same as the RBB series but with tolerances of ±5%, ±2% and ±1%. The RDB series networks are available in resistance-pin counts from eight to 24 pins with resistance tolerances of ±5%, ±2% and ±1%.


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