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Capacitor Packs And Modules Replace Batteries

Offered as high-power, long-life alternatives to batteries in consumer, industrial, and transportation applications, 15V BOOSTCAP packs and modules integrate six 350-Farad BCAP0350 flashlight battery-size ultracapacitor cells. Each pack or module provides a 15V building block that can supplement or replace 12V batteries in systems with varying voltage and current requirements. Both the packs and modules incorporate active or passive cell balancing and pack-to-pack or module-to-module balancing. The packs are enclosed in shrink-wrap plastic packaging while the modules are enclosed in a rugged aluminum chassis. Features include a 10-year lifespan, the ability to deliver more than 500,000 discharge/recharge cycles, and resistance against reverse polarity. The cylindrical BCAP0350 cells, each rated at 2.5V, are constructed of aluminum, measure 61.5 mm long by 33 mm in diameter, and weigh 60g. Prices for the packs and modules are $127 and $200 each, respectively. MAXWELL TECHNOLOGIES INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 503-3300.


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