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Capacitors And Filters Are IEC 950 Compliant

Designed as a cost-effective means of suppressing conducted RFI, FN 75xx series of feedthrough capacitors offer a choice of 23 different ac versions in values from 2.2 to 1000 nF and 27 dc versions with values from 10 to 4700 nF. All components meet EN 132400 standards. Also introduced are FN 76xx series feedthrough filters that come in a choice of 14 ac versions and 26 dc versions and that meet EN 133200 standards. A self-healing plastic film dielectric is used to maximize reliability by ensuring that any local breakdown caused by voltage surges is automatically isolated to maintain the capacitor performance. The ac caps are for 250V, 50/60Hz and can be used up to 200 vac in some applications. The dc devices are for up to 130 vdc and employ Y4 capacitors with 2.5 kV pulse test capability.


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