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Capacitors Deliver Low Equivalent Series Resistance

Available in chip, radial and prismatic styles, this new series of proprietary, Advanced Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (AAECs) is said to improve upon present-day aluminum electrolytics by offering a lower equivalent series resistance. The ESR of the chip-type caps is less than 500 mW, the radial type is less than 10 mW, and the prismatic type is less than 6 mW. The company claims that for a unit capacitance, the ESR of these capacitors is between one-half and one-third that of other aluminum electrolytics. All three types have a voltage range of 6.3V to 50V.The low ESR of the capacitors enables end products to be made smaller for the same capacitance in the same operating frequency range, the company says. With their low-profile design and 105¡C temperature rating, the AAECs fit the tight spaces and high operating temperatures often encountered in consumer electronic, medical, telecomm and military products. A variety of shapes makes the capacitors suitable for such as applications as power supplies, CRT monitors, CD and DVD players, ADSL modems, and others. Exact pricing depends on required voltage and quantity. NESS CAPACITOR CO., LTD., Suwon, Kyonggi-do, Korea. +82-31-219-0682.


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