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Ceramic Caps Suited For Satellite and Spacecraft Apps

A new line of high-voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors has been created for use in non-reparable applications, such as those found in space and satellite markets. The entire line—which is based on a specification similar to NASA's Spec SSQ 21113—is constructed from a high-density, low-loss X7R ceramic dielectric that is 100% corona tested and exhibits no IR degradation over its design life. Optional testing includes SLAM inspection and burn-in in a non-contaminating inert fluid. With an established failure rate of 0.1%/1,000 hours at a 90% confidence level, the line's 13 different capacitors are designed to fit systems that cannot be serviced once deployed. Working voltages range from 500 Vdc to 10 kVdc. Capacitance values range from a maximum of 2.20 µF at 500 Vdc to a maximum of 5,600 µF at 10 kVdc. Price starts at $3.25 each/1,000.


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