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Chip Caps Suited For Decoupling Apps

Designed for use in general decoupling and filtering applications, the X5R series of class II dielectric ceramic capacitors has a temperature variation of capacitance within ±15% from -55ºC to +85ºC. The general-purpose, EIA capacitor series is also available in high capacitance values and in 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and 2220 sizes. Capacitance tolerance is ±10% and capacitance range is 0.047 to 100 mF. In addition to a ceramic body, the caps also have layered electrodes, silver metalization, nickel plating, and solder outer plating. The X5R series chip caps can be wave and reflow soldered and find use in telecomm, computer, consumer electronic, industrial, and automotive industries. KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS, Bradford, PA. (814) 362-5536.


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