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Chip Filters Play In Cellular Bands

Chip Filters Play In Cellular Bands

Promising to optimize performance while minimizing the size of mobile phones, the company offers three chip filters: an EIA 0603 size multilayer dual low-pass filter for use with multi-band smartphones and two EIA 0805 size multilayer diplexers for mobile phones. The EIA 0603 size FI168D087018 measures 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm with a maximum height of 0.45 mm. The component integrates two different frequency band low pass filters, the GSM telecommunication standard low band and a high band. Optimized for mobile phone send/receive systems, the FI212P089208 and FI212P089213 both measure 2 mm x 1.25 mm x 0.9 mm. Pricing for the devices is $0.50 each. TAIYO YUDEN INC., Schaumburg, IL. (800) 348-2496.

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