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Chip Inductor Has Q Of 65 At 500 MHz

Designed especially for high-frequency, hand-held products, the NIC 0805 series wire-wound inductors claim to have Q values as high as 65 at 500 MHz and 50 at 1,500 MHz. The devices also state minimum SRF ratings up to 7,900, making them suitable for UHF applications.
Inductance values range from 3.3 nH to 820 nH with corresponding current ratings from 600 mA to 180 mA and DCR maximums ranging from 0.08 ohms to 2.35 ohms. Tolerances are ±10% for inductance values of 33 nH and above, and ±20% for values below 33 nH.
Measuring 2.4 mm x 1.75 mm x 1.7 mm, the devices have an operating temperature range of -25°C to +105°C. Pricing is $0.098 each/100,000 with delivery from stock to six weeks ARO.

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