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Chip Inductors Meet MIL-PRF-83446

Deemed a first, ML0603 and ML0805 series chip inductors carry MIL-PRF-83446 (/36A and /37A) qualifications. ML0603 caps provide 1.8 to 270 nH inductances, Q from 16 to 40, 600 MHz to 6 GHz SRFs, 0.07? to 1.78? DCRs, and 195 mA to 1A current ratings. From 2.2 to 2,200 nH, the ML0805 Series offers Q from 15 to 65, 40 MHz to 6 Hz SRFs, 0.08? to 5? DCRs, and 140 mA to 1A current ratings. Both series employ ceramic cores and gold terminations. GOWANDA ELECTRONICS CORP., Gowanda, NY. (716) 532-2234.

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