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Class 2 Transformers Meet Many Requirements

Class 2 Transformers Meet Many Requirements

Suitable for use in numerous industrial-control systems including radio and audio applications, the 15951 and 15952 transformers employ a proprietary design to protect against failures due to short-circuit or overload conditions. Because they are classified as inherently limited, no additional fusing or circuit protection is necessary. Both models work from a 115-Vac, 50/60 Hz input and deliver an output of 16 Vac. The model 15951 is rated 15 VA while the 15952 has a 30 VA rating.  When used with a rectifier and filter capacitor these transformers are suitable for 24 Vdc control systems.  Both transformers are intended for permanent installation and offer a variety of mounting options including clamp, conduit nipple, and outlet box cover plate styles. FOSTER TRANSFORMER, Cincinnati, OH. (800) 963-9799.


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