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Damping Capacitors Protect IGBT Modules

Two new groups of high-voltage/current/pulse metallized polypropylene film capacitors are designed for IGBT module protection. They consist of Models MKPI 337, 338 and 339, which incorporate double metallized electrodes offering high pulse capability, as well as Models KPI 347, 348 and 349, which feature foil and metallized electrodes for even higher pulse capabilities. These snubber capacitors mount directly on IGBTs and are self-healing.
Both types function with operating voltages at 1,000 Vdc (475 Vac), 1,200 Vdc (500 Vac) and 2,000 Vdc (630 Vac). Non-repetitive peak surges are from 1,400 Vpk to 2,400 Vpk depending on voltage. Capacitance values range from 0.1 µF to 1.5 µF; capacitance tolerance range is ±5% to ±20%. Up to eight sizes are available, depending on voltage range.
Prices start at under $0.70 each, in bulk quantities, with delivery from four to eight weeks ARO.

Company: SEACOR INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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