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Electrolytic Caps Have Rugged Design

A rugged 150°C rating is carried by the EBH/EGH series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for demanding automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. The axial-style devices serve in smoothing, filtering, coupling and decoupling circuits and are claimed as the first products to offer a 1500-hour useful lifetime at 150°C without voltage derating. Useful lifetimes at lower temperatures are 5000 hr. at 125°C, 19,000 hr. at 105°C and >500,000 hr. at 40°C. The series offers a range of capacitance options from 220 to 22,000 µF with tolerances of ±20%. Designers can select from 10V, 16V, 25V and 40V ratings, with maximum current ratings as high as 3.9A.


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