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Filter Modules Developed For HomePNA Applications

This three module family of Home Phone Networking Alliance (HomePNA) bandpass filters is designed to meet all electrical specs of the firmÕs iLine10 series of home networking chipsets. The components-the SMT S556-5000-14, -15 and -30-include a transformer, bandpass filter and common mode choke to ensure high-speed data integrity on existing, non-dedicated phone lines. All three devices comply with the 10-Mbps standard for HomePNA 2.0 compliance and are UL/IEC950 approved for supplementary isolation. Essential for use with network interface cards and stand-alone systems employing the companyÕs iLine10 ICs, the modules have broad applications in SOHO and other systems. The devices are used in routers, hubs and gateways, cable modems, set-stop boxes, and PDAs. Pricing in lots of 10,000 is $2.00 each for S556-5000-14; $2.25 for S556-5000-15; and $2.35 for S556-5000-30.


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