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Fixed Inductors Handle High Levels Of Current

With an approximate footprint of just 12.5 mm square, the E123L and EH125C series of surface-mount, fixed inductors are available with maximum dc current handling capabilities of 11A and 23A, respectively. With high current ratings, the E123L and EH125C inductors are suitable for use in dc/dc converter applications in voltage-regulator modules, portable computers, and embedded systems.The E123L inductors come in inductance values ranging from 1 to 9.1 µH. They stand only 3 mm high and have a dc current rating of 11A maximum. With a maximum dc current rating of up to 23A, the EH125C series offers inductance values of 0.6 and 1 µH with a dc resistance of 1.5 m½ at 0.6 µH. The inductors are packaged on 500-piece tape-and-reels. For more details and pricing, call Pat Moroney at TOKO AMERICA INC., Mount Prospect, IL. (847) 297-0070.


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