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Flip-Chip Packs 24 Resistor Elements

Reducing assembly cost and parts count, the BG series of resistor arrays house up to 24 discrete resistor elements in a single package and meet EIA/ECA flip-chip requirements. They are terminated with solder balls, aligned in a peripheral configuration with redundant common-bus attachments. Total package power rating is 1.2W at 50 mW maximum per resistor. and resistance values range from 5 ohm to 2 Mohm with absolute tolerances down to ±1%; ±2% is standard.
Ratio tolerances are as low as ±0.25%, with ±0.5% being standard. Packages can be terminated in common, isolated or special network configurations. Available in the form of: a BGRA holding up to 24 resistors in a 26- or 24-ball isolated/common configuration; the BGSA SOIC-type having a 16- or 20-ball scheme; and the 20-ball BGQA, in a QSOP. Price is $0.50 each/500,000.


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