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Guitar Pot Line Adds Options

Models recently added to the company’s line of electric-guitar potentiometers provide no load and offer left-handed and long-bushing options. They also promise to help improve sound quality and instrument longevity. Models added are the Model PDB241-GNL no load, Model PDB241-GTR left-handed, Model PDB181-GTR left-handed mini, Model PDB181-GTR long-bushing mini, and Model PDB183-GTR long bushing mini with push-pull switch guitar potentiometers. As a pricing reference, Model PDB241-GNL is priced at $2.25, Model PDB241-GTR is priced at $1.75, Models PDB181-GTR (left handed and long bushing) are priced at $0.95 and $1.25 respectively and Model PDB183-GTR is priced at $3.85.  All prices are based on quantities of 1,000. BOURNS INC., Riverside, CA. (951) 784-3100.

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