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HPC Sensing Resistor Offers Values Down To 25 mΩ

Stakepole SE358 HPC High PWR pr image-A
The HPC Series high-power current-sensing resistor from Stackpole, which incorporates thick-film chip resistor elements, offers a thermally efficient option for power-supply applications. It can accommodate resistance values down to 25 mΩ, and tolerances as low as 1% are available. Beyond the resistor’s dielectric withstand voltage of 800 V, it withstands short time overloads of up to 50 W for several seconds and short pulses up to 2500 W. As a result, the HPC can replace several smaller, less robust resistive devices with a single surface-mountable resistor measuring 0.5 in. square by 0.4 in. high. It’s capable of dissipating 5 W in free air, dispersing most of its heat through an aluminum housing that acts as a heatsink.


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