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Inductors Double As Transformers

Capable of being used as a single inductor or as a coupled inductor and transformer, the DRQ series offers a buck, boost or coupled inductor and a SEPIC or flyback transformer. Windings can be connected in series or parallel to offer a broad range of inductance ratings (0.33 to 4.02 mH), peak current ratings (0.13A to 56.0A) and RMS current ratings (0.128A to 17.9A). The DRQ series of shielded drum core inductors is available in four surface-mount sizes with 200 Vac isolation between windings. The dual winding inductor/transformer devices are available on 13" tape-and-reels. For further information and prices, call COOPER ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES, Boynton Beach, FL. (561) 752-5000.


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