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Inductors Handle High Temperatures

Operable to +120°C, the DR79892 and DR79893 flat-wire inductors carry insulation to a minimum of 100 M? at 500 Vdc between coil and core. The Model DR79892 specs include a rated inductance of 2.5 µH, current rating of 45A, a 0.8 m? DC resistance, and 500 Vac isolation between coil and core. The Model DR79893 specifies a rated inductance of 40 µH, current rating 30A, a 4? maximum dc resistance, and 500Vac isolation between coil and core. Prices for the DR79892 and DR79893 are $3.50 and $7.60 each/1,000, respectively. DATATRONIC DISTRIBUTION INC., Romoland, CA. (888) 889-5391.

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