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Inductors Handle Higher Current

Two new surface-mount toroid inductors, the SMT4015 and SMT1803 have been introduced. The SMT4015 is a shielded toroidal choke designed to handle higher current with improved EMI performance, while the SMT1803 is a high-efficiency, low-profile surface-mount toroid with a high current-to-power size ratio. Both can be used for a variety of power applications. The SMT4015 is suited for use where higher currents are required, such as filters for DC/DC converters and switching regulated power supplies. The SMT1803 is useful for applications where less power is required but small size is mandatory, such as wireless devices. Designed with a base made of a high-grade epoxy molding material, the SMT4015 is suitable for all reflow solder temperatures. For the SMT4015, inductance ranges from 1.0 to 250 mH at 1 kHz, current ratings are from 11.6A to 1.05A, and saturation currents are from 17.4A to 0.70A. For the SMT1803, inductance is from 0.47 to 100 mH at 1 kHz, current ratings are from 2.16A to 0.28A, and saturation currents are from 5.80A to 0.45A. Pricing is $0.88 for the SMT1803 and less than $4.00 for the SMT4015. GOWANDA ELECTRONICS, Gowanda, NY. (716) 532-2234.


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