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Integrated RF Antenna Modules Reduce Costs, Increase Flexibility

Introduced as the first commercially available packaged RF solution that incorporates an antenna, the RADIONOVA radio antenna modules are said to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of adding wireless connectivity to mobile phones, laptop PCs, and consumer devices. Designed to sit on top of the baseband chip, RADIONOVA modules incorporate the company’s high-efficiency High Dielectric Antenna (HDA) technology with all the key radio frequency components in a single module. The advanced balanced antenna is highly resistant to de-tuning, so the same module can be used across multiple product designs and will operate at multiple frequencies. RF performance is unaffected by the module’s positioning within a product and is independent of the module’s surroundings, even in multi-band designs. In addition, antenna impedance is virtually independent of the ground-plane length, and less PCB real estate is required since the antenna works above other components. The modules are currently available for GSM and CDMA applications, with UMTS for 3G cellular and multi-band Wi-Fi DATA modules on the horizon. For more details and prices, call ANTENOVA LTD., Cambridge, UK. +44 (0)1223 810600.


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