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Isolation Transformers Step Up Or Down

Foster’s line of RoHS compliant isolation transformers are suitable for step-up, step-down, and 1:1 voltage applications.  An electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary windings enhances safety and provides suppression of transients and electrical noise.  When used in a 1:1 configuration, the components protect equipment installed in electrically noisy environments and allow the use of commercial grade printers, computers and other peripheral devices in medical equipment by isolating them from mains power. When used as step down transformers, they allow equipment designed to operate from a 120V power source to operate in areas where the voltage is nominally 208V or 240V.  Wired for step-up operation, these transformers allow equipment designed for 208V or 240V operation to operate from 120V service. FOSTER TRANSFORMER, Cincinnati, OH. (800) 963-9799.

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