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LC Filters Fit CPE Transceiver Element Of The LMDS/MMDS Wireless Network

Designed for use as the customer premise equipment (CPE) transceiver element of the LMDS/MMDS wireless network, the 8600 series LC filters feature center frequencies in the 450- to 650-MHz range and the receive path filters feature center frequencies in the 1200- to 1500-MHz range. Their 1-dB passband responses are generally 75 to 375 MHz for the transmit and receive path, respectively.
Both filters are said to have excellent stopband rejectioncharacteristics and operate over a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. These filters are available on tape-and-reel and can be customized to meet users' specific frequency plan requirements. Availability is eight to 10 weeks ARO for OEM volumes after a transmit/receive pair have been defined and approved.


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