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Line Termination Networks Housed In Two-Sided BGAs

New custom, two-sided BGAs have been designed for space-sensitive high frequency line termination networks. The two-sided BGAs are available with the termination resistors located on the ball side and chip capacitors mounted on the top, minimizing inductance and maximizing space utilization. Because the topside can be configured with various types of circuits, the design is suited for use in a variety of high-speed data line termination applications, including SCSI (SPI-2 and SPI-3), DDR SDRAM and custom system bus terminations. High temperature solder balls are typically on a 40 or 50 mil pitch. Custom-valued screened resistors are available from 10W to 100 KW, to 1%. The BGAs can accommodate multiple chip capacitors, such as 0603 and 0805 sizes with characteristics of Z5U, X7R, etc. BI TECHNOLOGIES, Fullerton, CA. (714) 447-2345.


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