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Load Coil Antennas Seek Demanding Designs

Load Coil Antennas Seek Demanding Designs

Tailored for demanding, performance-critical apps, the B1322W and B1360W wideband mobile load coil antennas employ one-piece solid brass inserts, durable ABS injection molded housings, and weather-tight bases with built in 0-rings. The B1322W features a field tunable frequency range of 132 MHz to 174 MHz and a VSWR lower than 2:1. The B1360W does not require tuning and covers 136 MHz to 174 MHz with a VSWR of 2:1 maximum. Both antennas exhibit an omni-directional pattern with vertical polarization, and handle a maximum power of 100W. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES, St. Louis, MO. (866) 928-8181.


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