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Metal Oxide Resistors Feature High Operating Temps

Metal Oxide Resistors Feature High Operating Temps

For applications with power requirements beyond the capabilities of standard metal-film resistors, the RSF and RSMF Series metal-oxide, through-hole resistors are viable alternatives to carbon composition resistors. They are also suitable replacements for wirewounds up to 5W when inductance or cost becomes an issue. Of particular note, the components specify operating temperatures up to 200ºC for the RSF 1/2 and RSMF 1 and up to 235ºC for the other sizes. Both series are available in standard and mini 1/2W to 5W ratings in resistance values generally ranging from 0.1? to 510 k?. TCR for the series is 200 ppm and 1% and 5% tolerances are standard. Pricing varies with size and tolerance and ranges from $0.03 to $0.39 each in full reel quantities. STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS INC., Raleigh, NC. (888) 734-7347.


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