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MIL-PRF-55342 R Level Resistors Extend Qualification Range

MIL-PRF-55342 R Level Resistors Extend Qualification Range

Providing users with a complete range of military-qualified, DSCC-approved components, the company extends the qualified resistance range of its thick film MIL-PRF-55342 R level resistors. They are now qualified from 1? to 10M? for the 1206 style and 1? to 15 M? for the 2010 and 2512 package sizes. The TMC Series chip resistors are available in 1206 Mil/7, 2010 Mil/8, and 2512 Mil/9 package sizes. Power ratings are 250 mW for the 1206 chip, 800 mW for the 2010 resistor, and 1,000 mW for the 2512 package size with voltage ratings of 100V, 150V, and 200V, respectively. Operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +150°C. Typical pricing is approximately $0.72 each/1,000. IRC INC., Corpus Christi, TX. (361) 992-7900.
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