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Miniature Inductors Serve DC/DC Converter Circuits

With footprint diameters ranging from 4.5 to 9.5 mm and height profiles as low as 3.2 mm, the 1813, 2218, 3020, 3114 and 3722 families of surface-mount, high-current inductors are suited for notebook PCs, cell phones, pagers and other end products where space is at a premium. Typical applications include buck and boost dc/dc conversion and power line filtering circuits. Inductance values range from 1 to 68 µH for the IDCP-1813 series, 3.3 to 220 µH for the IDCP-2219 series, 10 to 330 µH for the IDCP-3114 series, 10 to 470 µH for the IDCP-3020 series, and 10 to 820 µH for the IDCP-3722 series. DC resistance is as low as 33 milliohms for 1-µH components in the 1813 package, with maximum current values as high as 3.8A.


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