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MLCCs Offer Numerous Features

Groomed for MRI diagnostic equipment, the VJ series non-magnetic surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) are available with both C0G (NPO) and X7R/X5R dielectrics, each with a wide range of case sizes, voltage ratings, and capacitance values. Meeting the need of MRI makers, the components are manufactured with non-magnetic materials and are 100 % safety-screened for magnetic properties before final packaging. Options include 11 case sizes from 0402 to 3640, voltage ranges from 6.3 Vdc to 3 kVdc, a capacitance range from 0.5 pF to 56 nF with C0G dielectric and 100 pF to 6.8 μF with X7R/X5R dielectric, and an operating temperature range of - 55°C to + 125°C. Pricing for is in the range of $0.10 each for low-capacitance 0402 C0G components. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC., Malvern, PA. (619) 336-0860.

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