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MLSCCs Reduce Short-Circuit Risks

For applications where a capacitor is permanently connected to the positive pole without extra safety measures, the B37941X multi-layer serial ceramic capacitors (MLSCCs) rely on a unique structure that reduces the risks resulting from a short circuit. Basically, a single component consists of two capacitors connected in series. Should one fail due to a short circuit, no short occurs across the overall component. This approach eliminates the need for extensive safety precautions, allowing for the retention of existing designs and layouts. Available in a 0805-size package, 100V MLSCCs offer capacitance values from 1 nF to 100 nF while 50V components range from 33 nF to 100 nF. With voltage derating, the capacitors can operate in temperatures up to 150°C. EPCOS AG, Munich, Germany. 49 89 636 09.

Company: EPCOS AG

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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