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Modulation Kit Helps Reduce Hum In TV

This kit uses power passing chokes to help engineers minimize the effects of hum modulation in cable TV applications. The kit contains parts to design a choke to withstand 15 continuous amperes and a peak current of up to 25A for two hours. Several windings are provided for balanced 10:10 turn types or the 10:2 turn versions. A dampening resistor connected between the center tap, the winding, or either outer leg can be used, and a variation can be made by placing a dampening resistor across the other sections of the windings. One version has a 470 ohm dampening resistor across 12 turns on the 10:12 coil. The type of circuit will ultimately determine which type of choke will be more effective. Although a 470 ohm resistor is on the lower potential winding, users can experiment with various resistor values and placements on the winding to obtain the desired results. Call for pricing.


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