Electronic Design

Multilayer Organic Capacitor Boosts Q, Drops ESR

In a 0603 case size and supporting frequencies from 700 MHz to beyond 5 GHz, the MLOC Series multilayer organic RF capacitors maintain high Q and high self resonance while exhibiting low ESR values at high frequencies. Employing AVX’s patented multilayer low loss organic technology, the polymer-based organic capacitors use high-conductivity copper interconnects in a multilayer topology. Features include a voltage rating from 50 to 250 Vdc, capacitance values ranging from 0.1 pF to 2.5 pF, and tolerances to ±0.02. Typical pricing is in the $0.04 to $0.30 each range. AVX CORP., Fountain Inn, SC. (864) 228-8808.

TAGS: Components
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