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Non-Magnetic Resistors Target Niche Markets

For use in medical and MRI equipment plus other industries with certain requirements the company now offers non-magnetic resistors and other components employing nickel-free terminals. All are compatible with leaded solder and all lead-free alloys and flux systems currently available. The non-magnetic resistors are available in values from 0 Ohm to 2,000 GOhms, with power ratings from 63 mW to 350W. Sizes range from 0302 to 4418. Families available in the non-magnetic offerings include the solderable RCX series, wire-bondable IMS series and Power IMS series, and the high-power aluminum nitride ANX- and APX- series bondable or solderable resistors and terminations. IMS, Portsmouth, R.I. (401) 683-9700.

Company: IMS

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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