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Open-Air Resistor Design Gives The Heave Ho To Heat

Open-Air Resistor Design Gives The Heave Ho To Heat

The OARS-3 Series surface-mount, metal-alloy strip resistors feature a flameproof open-air design that elevates the device’s hot spot above the PC board where heat can dissipate to ambient air instead of adjacent components. Also, this design reportedly gives the resistors superior thermal temperature-cycling properties. Specs include a power rating of 3Wat 70°C, a resistance range from 2 m? to 15 m?, and tolerances to ±1%. Inductance values are less than 10 nH and operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +125°C. Pricing for the OARS-3 Series resistors is approximately $0.86 each/1,900. IRC INC., Boone, NC. (828) 264-8861.


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