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Penta-Band/GPS Antennas Fit Telematics Apps

Penta-Band/GPS Antennas Fit Telematics Apps

The W4120 Series multi-band active GPS antennas, combining compact size with the capability to support most major wireless services globally, meet IP67 requirements, making them suitable for outdoor use.  As well as GPS, the antennas operate over five frequency bands: 824 to 894 MHz, 880 to 960 MHz, 1,710 to 1,880 MHz, 1,850 to 1,990 MHz, and 1,920 to 2,170 MHz. An amplifier input of 3 or 5 Vdc provides 26 dBic of gain and compatibility with most commercially available receivers. The compact 136 mm x 38 mm x 14 mm antennas come individually packaged with separate double-sided tape for installation in any environment. Various cable lengths and connector options are also available. PULSE, San Diego, CA. (858) 674-8100.


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